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HWiNFO supports Intel’s next generation graphics chips such as Battlemage “Xe2” and Celestial “Xe3” dGPUs as well as Panther Lake and Nova Lake iGPUs

The upcoming version of HWiNFO has only two highlights, both of which focus on preliminary support for Intel’s next-gen GPU products. It was recently confirmed that Intel will launch its Battlemage GPUs in 2024, and now the first support for these next-gen chips has been added to HWiNFO.

The support is split into two parts. First, there are the integrated GPUs for the Panther Lake and Nova Lake CPUs. Both CPU families are expected to come onto the market between 2025 and 2026 and replace the Intel Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake series. Panther Lake appears to be the direct successor to Arrow Lake, as Lunar Lake is mainly designed for low-power platforms.

Added preliminary support of future Intel integrated GPUs: Panther Lake, Nova Lake.

Added preliminary support of future Intel discrete GPUs: Battlemage, Celestial.

via HWiNFO

The Xe2-LPG “Battlemage” architecture is expected to be used in the Intel Lunar Lake-M CPUs, while a previous leak indicates that we will see the Xe3-LPG “Celestial” on the Panther Lake product line. Likewise, there could be an upgraded version of Celestial for the Nova Lake family, similar to Alchemist for Arrow Lake, or Intel could simply go ahead and introduce the Xe4-LPG “Druid” architecture for the successor to Panther Lake.

As for the discrete GPU side, support for both Battlemage “Xe2” and Celestial “Xe3” is mentioned. Battlemage is said to be a significant launch in the discrete graphics space in 2024, while Celestial’s discrete GPUs are said to be focused on a 2025-2026 timeframe. Recent testing has shown that Intel’s Arc iGPU offers very competitive performance against AMD’s RDNA 3 iGPUs, so the momentum may even continue to grow seeing future releases. In the meantime, Intel’s discrete GPU division is also very competitive in the budget market, especially with new performance-enhancing drivers being introduced every month.

Source: HWiNFO



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I thought it had been supported for a long time, is it such a technical thing to transmit the sensor information of the graphics card to hwinfo?

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