nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2: more than just a simple gamepad?

Game controllers are available like sand by the sea, licensed console products, which can also play more than just their sticks and buttons on the PC. The PR has let the (write) muscles play in the announcement of the features and ... Software and limitation on the PC The configuration, also for the PS4, is done via a software to be installed, which you have to download on the nacon homepage. This, in turn, can only be done if you register there and set up a profile where...

Game controllers are available like sand by the sea, licensed console products, which can also play more than just their sticks and buttons on the PC. The PR has let the (writing) muscles play in the announcement of the features and we want to check this now also in terms of content.

The almost 130 Euro RRP are a self-confident announcement at first, but in this price range you also get mice and keyboards pressed on the eye. Gaming sells and in the end Kevin-Klaus every skill amplifier just gets right, cost it whatever it wants.

Incidentally, it is allowed to do so as long as the value is correct. If you unpack the new controller, you will find a lot of accessories, which is quite helpful in detail. In addition to the controller and the detachable USB cable (Type-C is by the way only the socket on the controller) you will find additional weights including a small opener for the weight compartments, a carrying bag, a necessary microfiber cloth for cleaning, as well as quick instructions and a few Sticker.

Optics and haptics

As usual, the entire body consists of two half-shells screwed on the floor, the surface of which looks beautifully simple in the rubber-coating look, touches well, but unfortunately also visually rinses the sweat visually forward. But at the end of the day there is the cloth (see above).

In addition to the two triggers, the left of which is now also very filigreely adaptable by means of software, we find the 4- or 8-way control cross (configurable), the four symbol buttons, as well as two function buttons (share, options) and the touch panel.

In addition, the two analog trigger buttons, two shoulder buttons, as well as two freely configurable shortcut buttons with a total of 4 switches (M1 to M4) are located in the usual place.

There are also the button for profile switching and the three operating modes (PS4 Pro Control or Advanced Mode, PC Advanced Mode). However, we will have something to write about later.

We're making it really hard!

The most important question is how good and (massively) such a controller is in the hand. Child, adolescent, woman, man, pianist finger or German worker's fist – everyone sees their preferences completely elsewhere.  And since you can't change the size, it just has to turn the weight.

Good idea, because you can adjust the weight of the controller from 218 to 280 grams very variable. This can also be handled in the same way or differently on both sides. The placement of the two compartments on the controller is also very simple, with the centre of gravity shifting towards the palms.

But before we get to the configuration and the hands-on test, we summarize all the data again in a brief tabular way:

Label: Revolution Pro Controller 2
PS4 or PC (3 modes)
PS4 Pro Control or Advanced Mode, PC Advanced Mode
Profiles: 4 profiles each for PS4 or PC
Switches for profiles
2 customizable sticks with 46° amplitude
2 configurable shortcut buttons (ingame freely configurable)
2 analog trigger buttons
2 shoulder buttons
4- or 8-way control cross
4 Sony Symbol Buttons
2 Function buttons (Share, Options)
Yes (PS4 Modes)
2 adjustable vibration motors (L/R)
USB Audio
Integrated USB audio device (PS4 only)
3.5mm headset connector
LED player status indicator
Storage bag. Microfibre cloth
3 m fabric-coated, removable Type-C USB cable
Additional weights:
Inner weight compartments with six additional weights
for individual balance (2 x 10g, 2 x 14g, 2 x 17g)
Net weight:
218 grams (Without weights and cables)
Max. 280 grams (depending on weight, without cable)
RRP 129.90 Euro

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