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We mourn the loss of our Italian colleague Bruno Gulotta, murdered by ISIS

We have on the 17th. August 2017 a good friend and colleague lost in a cowardly Islamist terrorist attackBruno Gulotta, 35, an employee of Tom's Hardware Italy, spent his vacation in Barcelona (Spain), strolling the Las R

We have on the 17th. August 2017 a good friend and colleague lost in a cowardly Islamist terrorist attack

Bruno Gulotta, 35, an employee of Tom's Hardware Italy, was on holiday in Barcelona, Spain, strolling along Las Ramblas with his partner and two young children when he was hit by a van that also took the life of Thirteen other people were killed and more than 100 others were seriously injured.

When he was hit by the car, Bruno held the hand of his 5-year-old son Alessandros. His son was pulled away at the last moment by his mother, who was carrying her 7-month-old daughter Aria in front of her chest, when the car slammed in.

The terrorist group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, and authorities have arrested at least four suspects, according to the latest on 18 May. August 2017.

"It fills me with great sadness that I have to report that one of our team members was killed in the Barcelona attack yesterday," Purch's CEO, Greg Mason, wrote in an email to the company. "While many of our offices are well acquainted with the reality of terrorism, it is particularly sobering when the tragedy hits an employee from our own ranks. Please keep Bruno and his family in your thoughts and prayers, as well as our other EU team members who have to deal with the real existence of danger and loss in their daily lives," wrote Greg Mason.

Bruno was honored by his friend and colleague Roberto Buonanno, the country manager for Tom's Hardware Italy, in a story that translated our US site into English. If you would like to donate to Bruno's family, you can deposit your contribution to a Paypal account that Buonanno has set up specifically for this purpose:

The Tom's Hardware Community, whose members belong to a wide variety of states, religions and societies worldwide, is honoring our colleague and his family.


From Tom's Hardware Italy, translated:

The news came to us suddenly last night in the carefree climate of August. Colleague and friend Bruno Gulotta was overwhelmed and killed by an infamous terrorist in the heart of Barcelona.

He was away there, along with his companion and his two children. He had posted on Facebook the stages of his journey, and everything seemed to proceed as one would expect from a vacation. A photo from Cannes, one of Las Ramblas in Barcelona. And then what no one expects: The death of a young man, father, and life partner of the mother of his children.

We spent the night trying to keep lucid, to communicate to the close friends and acquaintances about the news; many wondered if it was a macabre joke or if it was reality. And then we started to read online publications, competing to collect as much news, photos, and videos of this young Italian, dead in a terrorist attack in Barcelona.

It is a tragedy that strikes us in so many aspects, one more dramatic than the other. We are thinking of his companion Martina, who, with the strength of a young mom, must now face something nobody should have to. We put ourselves in the shoes of little Alexander, who is preparing to start elementary school with the awareness that his life and family will no longer be the same. And then we think of little Aria, who will not remember the horrible scene, but she will never know her dad.

Bruno was a point of reference, a central figure, for all those who knew him, including us at Tom's hardware. Anyone who contacted him, whether it was customers, suppliers, or web stars, was impressed by his kindness and professionalism. He had an insatiable hunger for knowledge, and he was a real enthusiast–one of us–even though he later decided to move full time to marketing and sales. And in that role I have never known a more capable person. He loved to study every aspect of his profession. He was an insatiable reader and a greedy searcher of perfection.

We talked for hours and hours on productivity and personal development systems and exchanged readings. Anyone who had a problem with a computer, or software, or a web platform could ask and find a solution by coming to Bruno, even if they didn't work with him. Bruno was a really generous and heartfelt person. He was able to lead a rich family life and a brilliant professional career with a balance that I will always envy.

Personally, Bruno grounded me. Every time I had a problem or a complex issue that perplexed me, I talked to him. And it was not just business talk. We discussed the education of children, vaccines, alternative medicine, natural nutrition, diet, and physical preparation. I do not know how I will endure the view of his empty workplace in the office and think about how much I will miss this life and career companion.

But now all that matters is giving Bruno's family all of our support.

Rest in peace Bruno. We will remember you forever. You have been a such a life force, and I promise that I will never forget this last and tragic lesson. And you will always be in my mind whenever I feel the need for a friendly voice, as if you were still alive.

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