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The boxed coolers and everything from the entry-level segment that uses push pins or AMD's holding clips can't apply so much pressure that the tougher pastes can hold their own. This is especially true of the diamond pastes and Kingpin Coolings KP-x, which can't perform as you would like. Remedy is only a approx. 50-60°C hot water bath, which makes the pastes a little more liquid. But this is not really practical for a newcomer. Let's first take a look at the systems used for measurements with the CPUs, which for many reasons have not changed over the years. On the one hand, a plausibility test has shown that, on the one hand, the measured distances between the individual pastes do not change or only marginally change on the latest hardware, and on the other hand, the sensors of the older CPUs provide significantly more accurate values than the DTS of the current CPUs. Since the DTS of the CPUs provide rather hypothetical results for the core temperatures Tcore, we use, as already mentioned, the good old evaluation of Tcase on the thermal diode under the heat spreader. Since all CPUs used for the test still have soldered heat spreaders, this method is probably the closest thing to the whole thing. We can therefore measure the exact temperature below the heat spreader, which is extremely important and indispensable for an objective evaluation. Using Tcase instead of Tcore is always the more accurate solution. What always excites us is the long-term durability of all used comnpons, even if we have of course stored both CPUs, as well as the graphics card and the motherboard twice in the archive in case of cases. the only thing that really needed to be replaced was the power supply after three years. In the case of CPUs, we rely exclusively on the difference value (delta) from room temperature and tcase, as despite countermeasures in the room there were always slight deviations and these could distort the result for Tcase a little bit.

Review 3 – Intel Boxed Cooler with Push Pins
Cooler used Intel Boxed Cooler
Fan Original fan, speed set to 80% fixed
Cpu Intel Core 2 Duo E6850
Motherboard Gigabyte UP45-UD3LR

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