Cougar Immersa Pro in review – headset with surround and USB sound card

Introduction and scope of delivery The Cougar Immersa is with approx. 45 Euro street price is a real bargain with good wearing comfort and a very interesting price/performance ratio. Success is notoriously courageous and that's how you pep the whole thing ... Software The UIX software also detects the headset, although it works without any software. However, you have to do without the active sound control, surround and RGB effects. The latter leave the ring around the earcups and ...


The UIX software also detects the headset, although it works without any software. However, you have to do without the active sound control, surround and RGB effects. The latter make the ring around the earcups and the microphone end appear nuanced in colour or provided with luminous effects. Depending on taste and mood. We'll get to the equalizer right away.

The operation is intuitive and does not present the user with any problems. It is also positive that you do not feel like you are with Razer must first be registered for download and use.

Measurements and sound check

The vote is similar to that of Cougar Immersa without the Pro in the name. The bathtub falls in the test without installed drivers or passively on an external sound card a little more discreet than with the smaller model, but still shows the usual bathtub characteristics:

Let's come back briefly to the software, which contains not only the activation of the surround but also an equalizer with predefined sound profiles.

These profiles are a little silly when you remember the basic article on gaming sound mentioned above.

This is no longer a bathtub for the "FPS" profile, but a complete acoustic retention basin. It rumbles and hisses to god's mercy and also kills the last skill with a gesture of nonchalance. If you like it, please be nice. In any case, a self-experiment in CS: GO was a finding of a different kind:

The profile "Flat" still fits into the category "Go like this", but the profile "FPS" is really almost unusable and therefore belongs to the forbidden.

Even more abstruse is what the Asian ODM imagines under "Classic". And no, this is not something Dolly Buster from above, but an acoustic ascent and descent for extreme athletes. Up to 15 dB elevation in upper bass and heights, as well as a simultaneous lowering of the middles by up to 6 dB results in a span of more than 20 dB, in which no instrument survives even one minute.

So let's switch back to "Flat" very quickly and listen carefully to what the headset has to offer us now.

The headset has the bass peak at around 100 Hz, so it's more like the upper bass. However, the curve falls downwards rather slowly, so that a very deep bass spreads out, the level of which can be described as very full throughout. Tones around the 32 Hz and below are still perceptible even if here the rather spongy filled ear pads blur the impression a bit. The settling behavior is acceptable, the level strength is also.

The upper bass applies a little too fat and it quickly becomes cardboard yappy up to the lower middles, which, however, appear quite solid on their own and provide the rather warm sound character during the reproduction, which then remains very balanced up to the middle.

The pronounced 1.7 KHz hole eats some of the recognition, but hardly the spatial location and is again due to drivers and tuning. The latter is definitely too high-heavy for us, because the Sibilants are too pronounced and the blowout sounds of various instruments brutally strike through to the cerebellum. Incidentally, this also applies to the very wide-band shot and explosion noises.

However, the radiation is surprisingly direct, which of course is also due to the seat, which was just perfect during the test. Overall, the Immersa Pro dissolves quite well except for the sounding-related weaknesses, but without even becoming even a bit filigree, which is almost a pity.

In the end, the hearing test is left with the realization that the commandment is not really bad, but it is also not outstanding. Somehow, in the end, it's such a typical acoustic medium thing that fits well into the mainstream and just doesn't want to stand out in any way.


We don't want to commit to a real buying tip, but too many things have crossed in the listening test and in the processing/equipment. But it's by no means a rip-off, but a headset in the solid midfield. Nothing stands out extremely negatively or positively, which is almost a quality feature in this day and age, if one remembers some of the acoustic rear-end collisions of recent years.

So you don't do anything wrong and get a more or less balanced and stable headset that sits comfortably and remains affordable. But nothing more.

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