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Powercolor RX 5700 XT Red Devil under test – force is mass times acceleration | English Review

Powercolor sets with the RX 5700 XT Red Devil a decent mark - both in the performance and the massive cooler as well as in the price. In addition, there is a switchable Silent-BIOS that really lives up to its name. But I don't want to spoil too much, I want to test. So read it yourself.

Temperature curves and boost clock rates in detail

The cooler works really well for its big size and since I want to compare the two BIOS versions, I completely dispense with the values of the open benchtable, which is unrealistic anyway. The comparison reveals very big differences both in the clock rate and the temperatures. The OC BIOS allows temperatures well below 70 °C, while the Silent BIOS is a perfect match for this mark. Interestingly, the extreme jumps in the clock rate hardly have a negative effect on the percentiles, so that the Silent BIOS is actually the more reasonable solution here as well. In spite of all the regulatory frenzy.

This doesn’t look any different in the stress test, as the waste heat is largely the same as the power consumption.

Und nun das Ganze noch einmal in nüchternen Zahlen in Tabellenform, wobei ich beide BIOS-Versionen im geschlossenen Gehäuse vergleiche:

  Start Values
OC and Silent BIOS
Final Values
Final Values
Silent BIOS
GPU Temperatures
33 °C 66 – 67 °C
70 °C
GPU Clock Rates
1994 MHz 1888 – 1925 MHz
1750 – 1798 MHz
Room Temperature (Air-Con)
22 °C 22 °C 22 °C
Air Temperature in Case 25 °C 45 °C 43 °C

Board Analysis: Infrared Images

The following picture gallery shows all infrared images for the gaming and torture loop in a closed setup, but with both BIOS versions as comparison. The pictures are self-explanatory and speak a clear language. And I would like to point out once again that the sensor values for the memory are absolute nonsense, as the temperature under the flip-chip modules of the memory is also measurably lower on the board side:

Whether OC or Silent BIOS: the cooler cools like a heavy worker and that’s a good thing.

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