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MorePowerTool – Navi and Radeon VII Tweaking and Overclocking Software | Download (Update 1.1.1)

We are happy that our community member hellm has finished the software MorePowerTool (MPT for short) for the release and that we can offer this software here on our RTG page exclusively for download as well as the direct support in the forum. For the installation and use of the software you have to follow some hints and rules, which we would like to put in front of our manual and the download.

1. Introduction, execution rights and registry

The application has become very simple, because the cumbersome handling with the SoftPowerPlayTables can now finally be omitted. This also applies to the manual editing of the Windows Registry and the use of the DDU to clean up various entries. We have now summarized the most important points for you regarding functionality, useful application and download.

The program changes the upper and lower limits of the Wattman settings or blocks input options or releases them. However, the software does not replace the Wattman from the Radeon software or other overclocking tools, but extends their input options instead! But what is absolutely necessary: the program must be started as administrator!

Either, you click with the right mouse button on the program icon and then on “Run as administrator”, or you set the corresponding permanent default in the properties of the link. In the lower area you can load with “Load SPPT” the default settings for your selected graphics card into the MPT, remove with “Delete SPPT” all changed entries for the selected graphics card or write with “Write SPPT” all changes back into the registry. Since the registry is only completely read in by the Wattman at startup, it is recommended to reboot the computer completely after saving!

Attention: If you are using the tool for the first time or have not entered SoftPowerPlayTables manually before, all values are gray, because there are no registry entries yet! Then click once on the “Load SPPT” button and don’t forget to enter these values later with “Write SPPT”!

2. Choose the right graphics adapter (VGA)

The selection box in the upper part of the software lists you all installed graphic adapters from your registry, thus also those, which were installed sometime perhaps once. Therefore, please select the current entry for your graphics card first, if there is more than one. If the list doesn’t contain any entries, either no suitable graphics card is installed in the system, or the MPT doesn’t run with administrator rights (see above). Suitable are the Radeon RX 5700, RX 5700 XT and RX 5700 XT Anniversary Edition.

3. Overdrive Features und Overdrive Limits

Here you can define which areas you want to release or block in the Wattman. The best thing to do is to select everything. Some options in the SoftPowerPlayTables seem to be optional or probably only available in future Wattman versions. The name “Overdrive Limits” actually says it all and the labeling of the individual fields is also unique and self-explanatory (bottom right picture). Values that exceed or fall below the possible limits are ignored by the Wattman. If you want to use the fan control with Zero Fan Speed, you have to enter 1 instead of 0 in “Zero Fan Control”!

4. Power- / Voltage-Limits und Clock Rates

The voltage and performance specifications must be used with particular care (picture below left)! Even if the graphics card has internal protection mechanisms, an application of inappropriate values can at least lead to instabilities and system crashes! Especially with the SoC, overconfident settings lead to rapid collapse or overheating and throttling of the card. The same applies to the frequency specifications.

5. Fan Control

The fan control is a good option to adapt the graphics card with air cooler to the individual needs and operating conditions (housing) and also to optimize acoustically. The option “Zero RPM Enable” only sets the hook (status “activated”), so that it becomes visible at all, the value must be already set at the Overdrive Limits to 1 (see above). This function is only visible and selectable if the fan control is set to “Automatic”. If you have set this option to “Manual” sometime (see also “Fan Curve” under Overdrive Features!), then the “Zero RPM Control” is not displayed!

6. Software Download

You can now download this software via the link below, if you agree with the license and terms of use, these can be read again in the installer before the actual installation. Please read also the changelog.

– added support for Radeon RX VII
– no selection in Load PPT no longer loads default SPPT
– write button no longer writes zeros into registry if no SPPT is loaded
– some minor GUI fixes

– it is now possible to load SPPT from BIOS file
– some minor GUI and bug fixes

– merged BIOS File button with Load SPPT button
– minor bug fixes

– added Frequency tab
– added save function
– some minor GUI and bug fixes

– fixed VII overclocking



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