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U12S in review – Small cooling protz in dark outfit

The name Noctua is likely to be known to most, be it the private silent enthusiast, Sys admin with sensitive ears or even users in the industry. A wide range of products and very quiet operation are associated with the Austrian/Taiwanese company for as long as the chocolate-brown color of the fans. Some time ago they got a new robe in light grey with the Redux series, now is the all-round era.

In addition to the black fans with colorful anti-vibration pads, the two most popular CPU coolers from Noctua were purchased in black for an additional charge of approx. 10 Euro reissued: NH-U12S and NH-D15 In today’s review I take a closer look at the U12S and will also stress it!

The fan has a total height of 158 mm and the fans rotate at a speed of 300 to 1500 rpm, have an SSO2 bearing and a 4-pin PWM connector. The air flow per fan is up to 94.3 m3/h at a maximum noise level of 22.4 db(A). The warranty is 6 years. The exact specifications can be found at the end of this page, as well as the manual, both as PDF in the viewer. Further data can also be found on the product page

Packaging / Scope of delivery

The colour-printed cardboard box not only lists the most important key data of the cooler, but also makes a valuable visual impression.  A packaging to put in the cupboard, so to speak. Inside, besides the small cardboard box for the accessories with a practical printed list, there is only the already assembled cooler – also safely packed in cardboard folded into each other several times.

Less environmentally friendly foam is therefore completely, very laudable! The scope of delivery also includes 3 instructions for the different sockets, which is sher clear.

Matching the various sockets you will find appropriate mounting brackets, the clamping brackets for the fans including rubber support for another 120mm fan, thermal conduction paste as well as an NR-RC6 low-noise adapter and screwdriver. The Noctua badge made of metal must not be missing, of course.

Installation / Installation

For Intel sockets, the Noctua backplate is required for mounting, for AM4 the standard backplate of the motherboard can be used. Four spacers, radiator bracket and four screws later, the cooler could actually already hit the CPU, if there were not a small problem: As mentioned at the beginning, the cooler is already assembled. However, this also means that the fan covers the screw for fastening in the bracket. So loosen a clamp again, slide the fan to the side and tighten both screws. The installation is therefore quick and easy by hand, the instructions are well illustrated and described.

So equipped, the test system is ready for use and ready to go! The measurements are then also available on the next page!



Noctua NH-U12S

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Noctua NH-U12S

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