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The big Radeon RX 6800 (XT) overclocking and mod guide | Community

Conclusion and summary

The Big Navi cards have become fast, in QHD and FHD I would even consider these as first choice for the most part, at the moment and if you leave DXR and DLSS out. In UHD, the RTX 3090 in particular is still a good step ahead, reproducible. The overclocking is worthwhile on the cards, and in part clearly as you could see, because increases of 10-20% are no exception and are still in a reasonable relationship to the additional consumption, quite unlike NVIDIA’s amp cards which are more suitable for UV. Via MPT you have a lot of possibilities to configure your card, it’s always worth it!

I can’t say much about raytracing so far, the games seem to be generally rather poorly optimized at the moment on the AMD cards, but either way the ampere cards are clearly in front here, and that’s not easy to explain. Watch Dogs or SotTR also run cleanly on the RX cards in QHD, after all.

What I found very pleasant about the cards is how easy they are to cool (compared to the ampere-cards). Although the pure power loss is similar, it can be dissipated much better. The small RX 6800 can be cooled easily even under difficult conditions, my XT distributes the waste heat much more pleasantly through the radiator than the RTX 3090 FE, which has a heat ray of death blown through the case and heats my upper radiator (which of course also stores the whole thing nicely in the water) strongly.

With the cooling system of the RX cards, at least with my LC and the reference models, it is much easier to bring in cool air and then take it out again on a wider surface. The system of angled fins on the reference cards is as simple as it is ingenious and yes, it works so well that I wonder why no one has ever thought of it before. In addition the boards are much quieter than my RTX 3090 FE, which I had.

The XT models are undoubtedly the most in demand at the moment and my card, the Asus RX 6800 XT STRIX LC is already impressive with its very high clock rates. But my personal star is still the small RX 6800 as a reference card, I must mention that again in conclusion. Igor recently introduced the “Rocket Jonny” to you with his 2.55 GHz. The card is simply impressively fast, small and quiet. Even in my HTPC it can be cooled very quietly and its design moves the air exactly where it should go.

But more about that in the next article from me and constructive criticism is as always welcome.

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