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Long-Run Review: Couchmaster Cycon 2 from Nerdytech for a Couch Potato Test? We’re playing in the living room…

The Nerdytech Couchmaster Cycon 2 is the successor of the first version since the end of last year and Nerdytech must have taken up the feedback on the previously released products, because there are only a few points of criticism. Now it’s not like I realize every test request immediately and euphorically, because it is as always also a time factor, if you want to deal with pure gadgets besides the lab work. If you really want to see it as an objective assessment, this has to be done over a longer period of time.

Because only if you really sit around with it for a longer time, you will be able to judge if you like and need such a gadget in the long run, or if it will quickly join the things that will gather dust in the storage room. Like the Roccat Sova, for example, whose tilt factor became legendary in the family if you didn’t always want to gamble with your legs spread wide. Nice to have, but unfortunately too cumbersome for everyday use. This is exactly the question I want to help clarify today. That’s why I first unpacked everything last year.

Scope of delivery and unboxing

Besides the actual 82 cm wide plate, you get two thick, rectangular cushions, each with an edge length of 60 cm and a height of 16 cm (see the first picture at the top), which are also quite neatly finished. This leaves a gap of a whopping 75 cm for the legs. The cover is made of a textile synthetic fabric and feels like a mixture of Alcantara and suede. The filling of the cushions made of decent cold foam is also sufficiently firm to be able to give good support even after now 3 months of use.

Since you often prop yourself up and your own kids don’t really live in the spill-free zone either, the zippers to take them off make sense and add value. So cleaning it can be done, albeit with the necessary caution. Washing machine and dryer will not survive the covers. One of the cushions offers a small and a larger side pocket for odds and ends and in the accessories we find a bag with Velcro that can be positioned somewhere later. Speaking of velcro – the set comes with two additional rolls as velcro side and counter side for the periphery, which I later used a bit misappropriated.

If you stick the Velcro tape under the panel, it slides back and forth much less on the upholstery without leaving visible traces on the cover. Life hack, so to speak. In addition to the 12-volt plug-in power supply, you also get a 5-metre long and thick USB connection cable, where the 12-volt supply voltage is fed to the Cycon 2. Unfortunately, an audio track has been omitted. In the picture below, you can see 2 of the total 4 USB ports in the panel, the 12 volt jack, and two of the 4 magnets per side that hold the bottom covers in place along with the security screw.

Two more USB sockets are then located on the top of the panel, one of which is a (red) power socket. The power supply actively supports the hub, but is not absolutely necessary as long as you don’t want to connect RGB Christmas trees and other large consumers.

The underside then also allows a view of the two cavities in which the connections are located and where you can later let all the cables disappear quite confidently. Magnetic clips and a screw provide the necessary closure of the floor openings after the wiring is done.

The upper side is kept relatively neutral, the design is not too obtrusive and the whole thing also makes a quite stable impression. You could still buy the matching pad for 15 euros, but it does in the end certainly any smaller fabric pad, which you could also easily cut. I have completely dispensed with it because my mouse was fine with it as it was. By the way, the injection molded print is not particularly scratch resistant, so be careful with sharp objects or when placing it in a cupboard.


The two openings on the top are cable grommets for the peripherals and I also connected the dongle for my wireless controller in the panel later. Just make sure you don’t forget him in there. You can read how to connect and use it on the next page, so please turn the page!

nerdytec Couchmaster Cycon 2 Fusion Grey (NT-CM-CYCON2-SUEDE-Grey-201)

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