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Budget Wireless Gaming: Sharkoon Skiller SGM3 Gaming Mouse

If you've ever been looking for a mouse, keyboard or mouse pad online, you've probably heard of Sharkoon. Because their products are often very popular because of the comparatively low prices. The Skiller SGM3 is the latest offshoot of the SGM series and can currently be purchased online for just under 40 euros. It is a wireless gaming mouse that can also be operated wired and offers some attractive features.

In the packaging you will find the mouse, a classic USB receiver, an additional set of mouse feet, a 180cm long USB cable and of course a quick guide.

Optics and haptics

The SGM3 is available in four colours, black, grey, white and green. The surfaces of the mouse are all matte, except for a glossy strip between the two buttons. The logo on the back of the mouse is RBG illuminated. The SGM3 is made entirely of plastic, which was to be expected at the price on the one hand, but is by no means to be interpreted as a negative, since the choice of material also contributes to a low weight. The mouse I like very much from its optical and has a beautiful shape. In addition, RGB lighting is not too conspicuous.

The SGM3 is generally very good in the hand, on the sides where the thumb and the little finger

the surface is rubberized and has a coarser texture for more grip. And the matte texture of the remaining components also offers a pleasantly firm grip all around. The rodent is comparatively light for a wireless mouse at just 110g, which makes it more attractive for many FPS players.

Personally, I prefer the Palm-Grip when operating a mouse and this is exactly what the SGM3 seems to be made for: the back of the mouse is not too curved and lies almost perfectly in my palm. The only thing that annoys me is that something rattles in the mouse when you shake it. However, this rattle does not occur during normal use. Otherwise I have absolutely nothing to do with the optics or the quality of the SGM3.



The two primary mouse buttons are very satisfying thanks to the built-in Omron switches, only one point disturbs me minimally here: The travel distance, i.e. distance that the keys have to overcome in order to trigger, is a little too big for my taste. As a result, I can't make consecutive clicks on the SGM3 as quickly as I can on other mice.

Personally, I prefer extremely short clicks in mice, so most users here probably won't see any problems. The buttons are easy to press and give both mechanical feedback and an audible click when activated.

The two buttons above the thumb rack are easy to reach and give a pleasant click as feedback when pressed. The scroll wheel is almost perfectly tuned for my feeling, the resistance is just big enough that you don't accidentally scroll more steps than you wanted. Or scrolls by mistake when pressing the middle mouse button. Behind the scroll wheel you will find the button where the sensitivity can be set. This is a kind of toggle switch that increases sensitivity by tilting forward and reduces it the other way around.


The sensor

The built-in sensor is the ATG4090, this is not very well known, so I tried a few sensor tests myself. Playing fpS, it is extremely important that the sensor does not make any mistakes even with fast flicks or other movements. In my tests I couldn't cause the sensor to lose its tracking, there were no problems with over-turning or stuttering motions.

The second sensor test should determine whether the sensor has a built-in mouse acceleration or other correction. To do this, I put the mouse at a marked point on the mouse pad and dragged it to the side as fast as I can and then slowly moved back to the marker. In the optimal case, after this test, the mouse pointer would be exactly in the same place again. And the SGM3 did well here as well, I couldn't see any mouse acceleration correction or anything like that.