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Sharkoon Light² 200 Review – Low-priced lightweight for ambitious e-sports and high-sense gamers | Long-term test

As I mentioned in the basic article on what to know about computer mice, today is the dedicated review of my top mouse recommendation for the rather slim penny! Yes, I’m aware that this is another mouse review, but at least it describes a product that you can currently buy and get for a very good price. Which is more than you can say for a lot of other things at the moment, because this is a bit of a balm for the soul and the hands for a change. The eyes will just have to wait a while longer until the market stops snapping at ether.

Packaging and scope of delivery

The mouse comes in a typical Sharkoon packaging. The mouse is well protected to safely survive the transport to your home. That much I can assure you of! Unfortunately, I can no longer show you the usual unboxing here, because I already own the mouse since April 2020 and also use it very intensively (which is then seen in the review at the honest traces of use) and the OVP has probably taken a “shortcut” in the blue bin when moving last year. Annoying, but in return it is virtually a kind of long-term test over almost a year.

When you have unpacked the mouse, you hold the mouse with the USB cable in your hands and a small manual as well as another unperforated deck cover, spare PTFE feet and 3 more DPI button covers. With the additional DPI button covers, everyone can individualize the mouse a bit more. But is that really what you want?

These covers are set off on the one hand in colour and on the other hand in height. I personally use the mouse out of the box! If you use the included deck cover (not perforated), you have to expect another gram of weight gain. I personally don’t like the cover, because in my opinion it changes the look of the mouse to the negative. A matter of taste, I’d say.


Here the usual data to the mouse, who wants to look at still more details: Manufacturer side

Optics and haptics

The manufacturer also offers the Sharkoon Light² 200 in two different colors. You have here quasi the agony of choice whether you would rather have a black or a white one. At this point in time, that doesn’t make any difference price-wise either. Since we get a Light² (Light square, Light to the power of 2 or whatever) here, the name – for me personally – stands for two essential aspects, which for Sharkoon probably also implied the naming. Light translated from English means? Right, easy!

The mouse weighs just 62g “out of the box” without the USB cable, which limits the choice of materials here to the use of plastic. Or as the vernacular goes, plastic fantasy. The processing is therefore not bad, but surprisingly good! If you expect high-quality aluminium material or stainless steel here, you should have your mouse refined at the local blacksmith!

Furthermore, the English word Light stands for what? Very well spotted, it means light. RGB! And with RGB, everything always works out. In other words: the mouse is great, you absolutely have to buy it. Because with RGB, your FPS in every game will feel like it’s reaching your monitor’s 240 Hz, and your skill will rise significantly above that of any pro gamer! Ok, that should be enough sarcasm for now. The mouse wheel, the Sharkoon lettering and the back lower edge are illuminated in this case. The illumination can be set/adjusted via various button combinations (to be found in the manual) or via the dedicated software. If you don’t want RGB lighting, you can turn it off completely!

The design of the mouse is ergonomically designed by Sharkoon for right-handers and fits perfectly for palm-grip gamers! I suspect it is still very good for finger grip as well. Regarding claw grip players, which for me personally ends with a visit to the orthopedist if used excessively! I recommend you: test the mouse with a friend, look for another alternative if necessary or the blacksmith around the corner can fix the fingers and you will be socialistically re-educated to palm-grip-players! All kidding aside. On the bottom of the mouse are the PTFE feet and a switch to set the polling rate.

All in all you could see on the pictures the 6 buttons (programmable), which are very easy to reach for a medium sized hand. My hand is about 20 cm long and about 11 cm wide with my thumb attached. Which I’ll define as medium at this point. Hands in the format “toilet lid” will probably not reach the thumb keys here without problems. Maybe a bigger mouse is better?

The mouse wheel can be rolled and clicked, a lateral tilt function is not available! The USB cable is very flexible and makes the use of a mouse bungee virtually obsolete. The mouse lies firmly in the hand at all times and is a pleasure especially for the gamer faction with 400 DPI, because the mouse is light and by means of the programmable lift-off distance of 1-3 mm, moving becomes a speed experience.

Sharkoon Light² 200 schwarz, USB (4044951029013)

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