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Radeon Software AdrenalinE Edition: What is ReLive?

Streaming and Overlay

As the two most important and most widely used streaming services in the German-speaking world, YouTube and Twitch are of course supported. China's Sina Waibo, stage ten, Facebook, and Microsoft's "Mixer" service (which is mistakenly translated as a mixer) are available as alternatives. It is also possible to include your own (RTMP) streaming server. Those who use Twitch as a platform can select the receive server separately, otherwise settings that affect resolution and audio and refresh rate are available for all streaming platforms.

Under the "Overlay" tab, users can determine the location of the info area in which the performance data is prototocompiled and displayed in real time. Once you have decided on a screen corner, the overlay can be accessed via the ALT+R key combination.

In the overlay, the most important functions "on the fly" can be switched on and off. This applies to both ReLive and system performance monitoring. Incidentally, the latter does not appear until a game is running. As already mentioned, the individual parameters can be adapted according to your own wishes.