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HybridDrive on Indiegogo – The world's first hub with SSD "inside"

Our forum member "Mr. Gurke" contributed a user news today and wrote about the Indiegogo project. Of course you should be happy to share in this and therefore now like to leave the sole word to the forum activist and then I'm out… Do you sometimes feel that way? You only want to [...]

Steelseries Apex 5 in review: mechanical gaming keyboard with many features

The Steelseries Apex 5 is a mechanical, RGB-lit gaming keyboard with a small OLED display. It can be purchased for around 130€ from the usual dealers and thus sits relatively in the middle of the now quite high price premium for mechanical gaming keyboards. So far, so well known. But what might [...]

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE Review – Wireless, Flawless, Unrivaled?

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE is the latest mouse in Corsair's Dark Core range. It is a wireless gaming mouse, of course with RGB lighting, as well as Bluetooth function. The simpler Dark Core RGB Pro is available for around 100€ and the SE version with Wireless Charging for approx. 110€, so [...]

Logitech Zone Wireless Headset – Home Office without headaches?

Home office, working for hours on the PC, staying mobile, still being accessible and all without cables?  Gaming headsets are usually the worst possible solution for such purposes and who makes home office or the Logitech Zone Wireless could be quite happy. Today's test should clarify how [...]

Wireless PC Control with Nintendo Wiimote | Igors Retro

Almost 12 years ago I once published a small craft project, which now happens to have fallen into my fingers while cleaning up. Funnily enough, the Gnaze still works, because I also ripped out the old PC. Only the batteries of the controller I had to replace, the rest still ran amazingly as then.

Cain 200 AIMO: The Wireless Gaming Mouse in A short test

Roccat's Cain 200 AIMO is a wireless gaming mouse with RGB lighting. It is the top animal in the Cain family and thus one of the most expensive mice Roccat offers. It is available from the usual online retailers for around 90€, which puts it in the upper price range compared to other brands [...]

Roccat Vulcan 121 AIMO keyboard in review

Having recently been fully immersed in a world of Cherry MX switches and ultralight mice, I was very excited about these two Roccat products.  On the Vulcan keyboard because I had no experience with Roccat's own Titan Switches. And on the Cain, because I had already become so accustomed to my [...]

Razer Hammerhead: Hammer or sound with the crushing hammer?

The quiet death of the jack in smartphones has caused the market for wired headphones to shrink noticeably. The focus has shifted towards wireless Bluetooth products, and with "The Dash," Bragi has virtually had the original father of Apple Airpods funded by the community via Kickstarter [...]

Libratone introduces clean Bluetooth speakers

Just in time for spring and the 10th anniversary, Libratone is releasing a new Bluetooth speaker: BIRD.  Based on Libratone's logo, it was designed in the form of a bird. According to the manufacturer, it comes friendly and colorful with a lot of intuitive features.

XPG Summoner – Softwareless at premium price

ADATA XPG first tries out a mechanical keyboard with original Cherry switches, does not need to adapt to software and wants to cover all preferences with MX Speed Silver, Red and Blue. Recipe for success or lukewarm broth?

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