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Who killed Kenny? Edifier Luna Eclipse 2.1 (e235) in review

Short presentation and technical data With the Luna Eclipse 2.1 e325, Edifier has provided the two already quite confident 2.0 boxes of the Luna Eclipse e25, which we tested in 2015, with a potent subwoofer in the Kenny look, the... Measurement and sound check Before we come to the verbal [...]

Pascal-Roundup #2: Nvidias GeForce GTX 1060 in comparison

A special feature of this roundup, whose individual product pages can of course be regarded as individual tests, is the intentional focus on workmanship and technical equipment as well as the most important features such as power consumption,... With the GeForce GTX 1060 Superclocked (6GB), EVGA [...]

Skylake-X review: Intel Core i9-7900X and the X299 platform

Introduction Intel's new X-Series consists of i5, i7, and reissued i9 processors, all of which require the same X299 chipset that comes with the LGA2066 socket. The S-series processors will continue to be used with the 200 chipset. In some applications and games, we've encountered [...]

Fine sound with light dent: Meze 99 Neo in test

We do not want to roll out the company history and philosophy now, as anyone interested can read for themselves when visiting the meze homepage. The 99 Neo is a logical continuation of what you can do with the 99 Classics before... The microphone is a stink-normal, omnidirectional transducer [...]

In review: Sound BlasterX Katana – An evening at the sound bar

The Katana ("Shinken") as a Japanese longsword, like the soundbar, is definitely not a double-edged thing. And if one were to look at the soundbar without the subwoofer in front of his spiritual eye, then the slender, elongated part would be simmering. Measurements with different settings [...]

Reason Pack: KFA2 / Galax GTX 1080 Ti EXOC in review

In contrast to the ex-factory very high overclocked EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Gaming, KFA2 / Galax is a deliberate use of reason and mediocrity, so that two fans on this rather slim dual slot card should be enough. In general, the... The board is a good old acquaintance and comes directly from Nvidia [...]