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AMD Ryzen processor fuels Xiaomi's upcoming RedmiBook

Earlier this month, Microsoft updated its Surface Lineup and unveiled not only new 2-in-1 devices, but also two new processors that are custom-designed for mobile use. Xiaomi follows suit and installs an AMD CPU in the upcoming RedmiBook, which promises a lot of power and low consumption.

Please do not imitate! PC assembly with Shutterstock and co.

Stock photo providers try to reproduce our everyday life through sometimes clichéd images. But not all scenes make sense or should happen in everyday life. A little picture story. Attach cpu to motherboard Similarly moving as the sudden and unexpected pregnancy of the young woman Maria, the [...]

Mad Catz delivers R.A.T.AIR – first online shops list the 12000 DPI mouse

Mad Catz has announced the availability of its most advanced wireless mouse to date, the R.A.T.AIR. As the flagship of the R.A.T. series, the R.A.T.AIR enables both wireless and wired gaming, does not use batteries and comes with a mousepad or presupposes such a must. In addition, an optical 12000 [...]

Corsair sells DDR4 memory with 5000 MHz

Corsair has introduced a new Vengeance LPX kit of its DDR4 memory, expanding its in-house product portfolio with particularly fast 5,000 MHz memory. This Micron-based RAM is available as a 2x 8GB engine and reaches its full potential in selected THIRD-generation MSI X570 motherboards and AMD's [...]

Confirmed by packaging: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Super has 6GB GDDR6 memory

With the exception of memory expansion, the GTX 1660 Super should have the same specifications as the GeForce GTX 1660. The updated Super version is expected to rely on a Turing TU116 chip, giving 1,408 CUDA cores. Whether the clock is raised remains to be seen at the official presentation of the [...]

From December: Ray Tracing for AMD Radeon 5000-Series GPUs

AMD plans to introduce a host of new driver features in December, which are part of the big annual software update. Now there are rumors and discussions among industry insiders who said AMD could bring DirectX Ray tracing support for Radeon Navi graphics cards starting in December. Officially, Navi [...]

Up to 30% cheaper? AMD to attack gaming notebook market in 2020

AMD has already managed to irrevocably and sustainably break the paradigms of previous pricing in the PC industry in the desktop sector. I wrote about this yesterday in the article "Intel is modest: New Cascade Lake-X CPUs with old Skylake architecture and Threadripper 2 prices". But the [...]

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