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How-to-Guide: Optimize Graphics Card Cooling and Thermal Paste

In this article, we don't just want to limit ourselves to a thermal paste comparison with (de-)assembly instructions, but also to show why some cards simply can't cool better and why you can't cool the entire cooling system, including the fans... Dismantling without depression Before [...]

Alphacool Eiswolf GPX-Pro AiO: Compact Water Cooling for GTX 1080/1070

Since we want to test as soon as possible how such a solution behaves compared to closed compact water cooling, we simply reconstructed and assembled the Alphacool Eiswolf GPX-Pro 120 AiO ourselves, because the used... Easy conversion - if you know how to do it Alphacool provides an assembly [...]

Mivoc Hype 10 G2 in subwoofer test: Low tone hits low price

One thing we want to do right away: It's not about a self-taught 2.1 system, in which two small howler cubes are to be combined with a thick, big brother. Our intention is to make the subwoofer so discreet and profitable... Interior and loudspeaker chassis If you remove the complete active [...]

Editorial internal: How we measure and evaluate graphic performance

PresentMon: Frame Times for DirectX, OpenGL and Volcano Measure Since the introduction of DirectX 12, Windows UWP and Vulkan, we have once again been faced with the task of determining at least a largely reliable determination of the rendering times of all individually... Frames per second In the [...]

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