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MorePowerTool – AMD Radeon RX 5700 (XT) and Radeon VII Tweaking- and Overclocking | Download (Update 1.1.1)

Hier geht es zur deutschen Version!

The MorePowerTool for the AMD Radeon RX 5700 (XT) and Radeon VII (New!)

We are happy that our community member hellm has finished the software MorePowerTool (MPT for short) for the release and that we can offer this software here on our RTG page exclusively for download as well as the direct support in the forum. For the installation and use of the software you have to follow some hints and rules, which we would like to put in front of our manual and the download.

Important preliminary remark- Disclaimer

First of all it should be explicitly mentioned that this represents a massive interference in the regulation of the graphics card and may only be used by experienced overclockers and only for test purposes. Of course we also count common sense, because a little respect for the product is the minimum. A permanent operation of the components with values not intended by the manufacturer can lead to irreparable damage! The protective functions (switch-off limits) are all still activated, which minimizes the risk somewhat, but of course components such as the SOC, the memory or the voltage regulators can also suffer damage! The reference design is only conditionally suitable for the use of the tool, only a slight increase of the power target or the increase of the clock limit for the memory, as well as the fan control should be used for test purposes!

The software MorePowerTool (MPT for short) linked here in the article is an experimental intervention in the system and not suitable with all settings for 24/7 use in productive systems! Especially the now possible higher voltages are a big unknown in the usual overclocker milkmaid calculation. Because if you overdo it, you might save the money for the next faster card at the moment, but you also risk your hardware and your entire investment in the long run.

The author and the hosting website accept no liability whatsoever for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the use of this software. It is explicitly pointed out that the software MorePowerTool may only be used for testing and evaluation purposes and is not intended for everyday use. The user confirms these usage restrictions by installing and using the software and accepts these conditions without restriction.

The software accesses settings of service or third-party programs, in particular those of AMD Wattman. This data may be copyrighted material of its authors. No liability is assumed for any hardware damage or program incompatibilities or data loss when using the service or third-party software whose settings data are changed by the end user with the help of the MorePowerTool software.

On the following page we would like to introduce the software and offer it for download.