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Cain 200 AIMO: The Wireless Gaming Mouse in A short test

Roccat's Cain 200 AIMO is a wireless gaming mouse with RGB lighting. It is the top animal in the Cain family and thus one of the most expensive mice Roccat offers. It is available from the usual online retailers for around 90€, which puts it in the upper price range compared to other brands. Personally, I was particularly excited about the Cain, because I got used to ultralight mice over time. And because I wanted to see how I reacted to this rather big change, to a big heavy wireless mouse.

The Cain 200 AIMO comes with a 1.8 meter USB cable, a USB wireless dongle, a small stand where you can plug in the dongle and cable, and a Quick Start Guide.


The Cain, like the recently tested Vulcan keyboard (for testing) for a gaming mouse, is not very noticeable. It is all around in matt black and has as an accent element a thin strip of brushed aluminum between the two mouse buttons. There are two logos on the mouse: one on the left mouse button and one on the back of the mouse.

The lighting is limited to two places in the Cain – the two stripes on the mouse wheel and the logo on the back of the mouse. Personally, I think this is quite sufficient, a mouse does not have to glow from all corners and edges. Especially in combination with the already mentioned Vulcan, the Cain looks very elegant and high-quality.

A big plus for me is that there are hardly any fingerprints on the matte surface. Roccat credits its new hybrid performance coating, which is also mentioned in the haptics. By the way: The mouse was in use for over 2 weeks and I didn't even have to clean it for the photos!



On the website, Roccat advertises both the shape and the coating of the Cain. And I have to admit that Not only do I like the shape very much, it also flatters my handball very pleasantly. Even after lengthy sessions, I didn't notice any discomfort on my wrist. And the coating not only looks good, but also feels great: it is grip-resistant and remains so even if you have completed a sweaty round.

The buttons feel very precise and only give a quiet click of themselves when activating. Compared to other mice, minimal pressure is required to trigger a click. On the contrary, you need more power for the mouse wheel, this is especially harder to move compared to my other (reference) mice. However, this should not be interpreted as negative, as individual levels snap precisely and provide clear feedback about the exact position of the mouse wheel. The mouse wheel click needs more power than I am used to to activating. This ensures that no unwanted clicks are executed, but here I lack the precision of the other buttons. Unfortunately, this is lost due to the increased effort.

The DPI switch is mounted behind the mouse wheel. Here I can choose between the set DPI steps with single button press. On the left side of the mouse there are two more buttons: these are relatively easy to press and give a quiet click when activated.

Unfortunately, however, I have to add that the weight has bothered me a little. The mouse weighs 105g without the cable, which isn't particularly heavy, but for this review I switched from a 53g mouse to an almost twice as heavy mouse. For most, however, weight will not play such a big role, so this point can be rated as neutral. Because the mouse plays in a different league and is not advertised by Roccat as an "ultra-light rodent".

Roccat Kain 200 Aimo schwarz, USB (ROC-11-615-B)