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Reliable help in case: Seagate Rescue Service Plans | Advertorial

For many people and organisations, data is a very important, if not the most important asset of all. For this reason, Seagate relies primarily on reliability in its storage media. But if it still gets worse and a storage unit fails, the manufacturer still has a trump card up: Seagate's Data Recovery Service. In the vast majority of cases, this service can actually save data that was already believed to have been lost for good. This service is available not only for Seagate drives, but also for storage media of all kinds and even products from other manufacturers.

No doubt: Hard drives and other storage media rarely fail nowadays, for some products even average times between two errors (MTBF) of two million hours or more are stated – that is over 200 years of continuous operation! Moreover, everyone knows today how important it is to back up data on a regular basis. But despite all the technical precautions and appeals for data backup, data is more at risk than you might think: PC users regularly deal with data loss, and the vast majority of office computers are not regularly backed up.

Even the most reliable storage unit can fail at the most inappropriate moment, or important data may be accidentally deleted. In addition, drives can also suffer mechanical damage – for example, from fire, water or a natural disaster. Then perhaps valuable or even irretrievable data will be lost. But for such cases, as hopeless as they may seem, Seagate offers its Rescue Data Recovery Service for data recovery. This service works like a kind of insurance: it is not acquired only when the damage has occurred, but in advance, and the protection then applies for a certain period of time. The service plans provide access to a global team of data recovery experts who can help in 90 percent of all cases.


Needs-based plans

There are plans for two or three years for different situations. Either a single device or a group of five devices can be protected in a so-called family plan for a total of two rescue operations – a particularly cost-effective variant. The only condition is that the device to be protected must be functional when the data recovery plan is purchased.


See the rescue service plans here


Protection not only for Seagate storage

Seagate delivers a two-year rescue plan for its BarraCuda Pro, Ironwolf Pro and SkyHawk AI high-end hard drives. For LaCie's Rugged and DJI Copilot portable storage units, such a plan is included in the price for more than three years.

This protection can be purchased for other storage media. The prices for a rescue plan start at around 30 euros and are therefore quite cheap compared to a current data rescue. Seagate is by no means limited to its own products or even to computer memory. In fact, the brand of the storage unit does not matter. Rescue plans are available for:

  • Smartphone/Tablet
  • Gaming (XBOX only)
  • Laptop/Desktop PC
  • Monitoring (PVR/DVR)
  • Internal and external hard drives and semiconductor storage (SSDs)
  • SD Cards/USB Drives/Compact Flash
  • Camera/drone


Seagate does not guarantee the recovery of data for understandable reasons. However, all plans include a money-back guarantee: if the experts in the laboratory cannot recover the data of a storage medium for any reason, the purchase price paid for the plan will be refunded.


Track rescue online

Once a data loss has occurred, the owner first reports the damage and sends the protected device to an address of the rescue service, free of charge. Shipping costs are already included in the price of the protection plan.

The user can then track how the rescue operation proceeds online 24 hours a day. All data recoveries are performed in a secured cleanroom facility, and depending on the work required for recovery, the data can be saved after just two days. They are encrypted for security and are deployed, again free of charge, either via online storage or on a new storage device.



In addition to the reliability of each storage medium, Seagate's rescue service plans for data recovery provide the best possible worry-free for all users in creative professions and PC users with high performance requirements.

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