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On your own behalf – restricted everyday life and why it concerns each individual

I deliberately left the term COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) out of the headline for the time being, because otherwise one or the other superficial reader would have picked up and reinterpreted something that does not fit into the context. Nevertheless we have to talk (or write). First of all, I am not ill myself, but now I have to suffer, together with my family and hundreds of other affected people, from the obvious irresponsibility of a single person, whom I do not have to condemn here. Nevertheless, we must take this as an opportunity to talk about the facts and about what each individual should actually do.

Family Prison is an ugly term, but unfortunately it fits the current situation quite well. It simply must not happen that out of pure egoism, because one wants to enjoy one’s own life to the fullest extent, e.g. the life of an entire school including children and their families is effectively paralysed and thus these people are also withdrawn from the public. Such a thing is then called irresponsible and indecent. There my job is still comparatively insignificant, because there are now perhaps also doctors, bus drivers and other important professionals missing, without whom we cannot master our normal everyday life so easily. A single person thus possibly causes through pure egoism a break in the private and also public life of many uninvolved persons, whose causal chain can suddenly affect everyone. Berlin sends its regards.

Looks similar, but stands for a golden autumn: chestnuts instead of corona

Many people are certainly not aware of the difference between quarantine or home office, because with a little insight and a sense of responsibility, there is no need to go to the bakery or to the screw and tool shop next door. You always need exactly what you don’t have in stock, and the measuring laboratory for the audio stories is also a taboo. The mail is then received by the neighbor and deposited in the stairwell, and in the end you feel like a leper and yet you are not even sick. That just leaves the phone.

But despite everything, it is easy to accept when it arrives like this. All of us living together is defined in society, where each individual is only a part of the whole and the view must also go beyond one’s own horizons, because otherwise the plate is suddenly empty faster than one would like it to be. If there is perhaps a little less output from my side in the next few days, then this is exactly the reason. I will get more details in the course of the day, but until then the first realization is that it can go faster than you think and that it can affect everyone, one way or another.

And this is precisely where one can only appeal to each individual to show insight into the necessity and to practice a sense of responsibility. Keeping a little distance is really no magic trick, the mouth and nose protection is not a deadly bond and your own hygiene is necessary anyway. Only this time a bit more intensive in the hand area. Such an aluminum hat has never been a fancy piece of clothing (looks silly anyway) and all those unchipped conspiracy theorists and freeloading hild men should just plug in the grounding cable again. This can also help to see the world as it is again: endangered by a virus and the stubbornness of individual know-it-alls.

Is it really so bad to keep your feet quiet for a foreseeable period of time? And everyone who thinks that this doesn’t concern me now anyway: that is a misconception. In order to really be able to withdraw from this process, self-isolation would be necessary, which far exceeds what is currently required. Nobody could really want that. This is also not about risk groups, but about all of us. I’m asking you to internalize that for once. Thank you!

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