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When price and performance know how to convince: 1More In-Ear Triple Driver BT | igor'sLAB Review

Headphones are a tricky subject when it comes to quality, sound, fit and taste. Hardly any other piece of hardware is as critically questioned as headphones. After all, a number of factors play a part when it comes to finding your favorite headphones.

Some time ago Igor took a closer look at the 1More Quad Driver (model E1010) for you (review here). Today I look at the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear BT (model E1001) in detail for you.

Headphones are a tricky subject when it comes to quality, sound, fit and taste. Hardly any other piece of hardware is as critically questioned as headphones. After all, a number of factors play a part when it comes to finding your favorite headphones. This ranges from fit, weight, comfort, ease of use, cooperation with devices, and appearance. It is well known that a manufacturer can hardly serve the tastes of all potential buyers.

However, 1More is launching a premium product with the Triple Driver In-Ear, which should appeal to audiophile people as well as everyday users who are looking for a reliable Bluetooth headset. I looked at the headphones and tried to find out if 1More can match the quality of the Quad-Driver In-Ear with the 149 Euro Triple Driver In-Ear.

Due to the inaccessibility of the innards (a non-destructive opening of the device is not possible/obvious), I can unfortunately not offer you a teardown. That's why the manufacturer's own Explode View images and sketches find their way here to give you an exemplary insight into the technology.


First of all, a few key data

This in-ear headset is a neck-boom headphones that have a neckband as a holder that also includes the wireless electronics and the battery. The drivers are then used by means of two approx. 25cm long cable extended to the ears.

The technology is transmitted with Bluetooth standard 4.2 (HFP, A2DP, AVRCP) with support of the popular music transmission standards AptX, AptX HD, AAC and as a special feature even Sony's LDAC, which transmits with an astonishing 990 kbps. It is interesting that even devices without chips from Qualcomm (AptX) or Sony (LDAC) can benefit from latency-free and high-quality signal processing! This is also intended to enable the unfäzed transmission of high-resolution audio (96kHz/24bit).

  • The frequency response is given as 20Hz to 40kHz. the drivers have 32 ohms resistance.
  • The maximum volume is 99db (SPL) and even reaches 103db (SPL) in the heights.
  • Since the headphones can also be used for communication, ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) is also on board.
  • The manufacturer refers to this technique on its product homepage as ENC (Enviromental Noise Cancellation).
  • With a weight of 42.5g, the headphones are a real lightweight and hardly noticeable in everyday use.
  • The total playing time for full battery is 7 hours, the charging time is given as 1 hour.
  • With a charging time of 10 minutes, the headphones should last 2 hours again.
  • The battery treats itself to 5 watts of power when charging, which is really no small in size!

The RRP of the headphones is 149 USD or €149.00 and is thus part of the entry into the high-priced segment.



The packaging is already classy: a sturdy cardboard frame protects the product, which in turn reminds of the packaging skills of a well-known tech manufacturer from Cupertino thanks to its modular packaging design. So everything has its place and does not fall around anywhere in the packaging. One notices immediately that 1More has tried to make a premium-based dlaboration here and is therefore not wrong.

In any case, the packaging principle is pleasing, as there is no breadcrumbs or other useless packaging material. The magnet-locked latch, which reveals the headphones protected by a transparent plastic lid, underlines the ambition not to look cheap. Well done!

Packaging content

  • Headphones
  • USB-A <->USB-C Charging Cable</->
  • 9 pairs of ear pieces (6x silicone, 3x foam)
  • Quick start guide
  • Sticker
  • Transport bag

Everything is included, so that the listening pleasure can start immediately. The headphones are also preloaded ex works. The selection of earpiece pieces is particularly pleasing. This makes 1More just like every ear canal. Since I have always resisted in-ears (I usually don't want to sit these headphone types correctly or even fall out!), I'm naturally curious if 1More can convince me here.


As already apparent from the product name, the manufacturer uses a 3-component principle for this headphone, which is broken down as follows: a PET high-pitched calotte, a metal calotte made of titanium alloy and a bass calotte made of PET. All these components are in an aluminium housing.

On the one hand, the high-frequency detail resolution is achieved, but Teifbass is no stranger to the headphones. Whether all this is implemented efficiently in this small housing, and then more later in the hearing test. The Neckboom is made of black, rough silicone and is a skin flatterer in terms of wearing comfort. The controls and the battery are each located in a plastic housing, which flows smoothly into the neck boom in the form. So there are no sharp edges that disturb the wearing comfort.

The part with the controls also houses the charging port, which is designed as a USB-C port. A corresponding cable is encased in the packaging. However, the connection is protected by a slightly fumbling flap, which is even only moderately solidly laid out. There should be no such thing as a rough handling of this protective flap. Exposed connections are neither beautiful nor conducive to long-term durability. In addition, the aesthetics of the headset would suffer from the open connection.

Otherwise, there is a power switch, a volume rocker and a play/pause button, which is also used to control the telephony.