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Havit Bilateral True Wireless Headset under review

As mentioned in my review of the 1More Bluetooth speaker, I'm quite an audio snob. For me, the sound really has to be right, which is why I met this very cheap Bluetooth headset with skepticism at first. Skeptical, but without prejudice. The Havit True Wireless Headset is a Bluetooth InEar headphones with built-in and is available on the popular websites for around 30€.

So it's definitely in the lower price range when compared to the Apple AirPods or the Bose SoundSport. However, I also think that over 100€ for these products is completely exaggerated, especially when you think that you can lose these little things so easily. 30€ sound much better.

Included are the Earbuds, a case, three sets of tips (S,M,L) with the medium size pre-installed, a USB cable and a quick guide.

The headphones are inconspicuous and minimalistic. They are matt black, only a small area that can be seen when worn outwards, offers a shiny black design. Here you will also find a small LED, which by blinking gives information about the connection status. At the bottom you will find two golden contacts to the store and an indicator for left or left. Right.

The earbuds are oval and completely made of plastic, which I didn't expect any other way at the price.

The small case in which the headphones are stored has the same oval shape as the headphones themselves, just a little larger. It is also made of plastic and has a matte surface. Inside, I find two perfectly shaped magnetic places for the earbuds – nothing wobbles. Here you can also see two golden contacts as a counterpart, which are responsible for charging. When you put the EarBuds in the housing, the magnets make sure that they are pulled to the right position and have good contact with the pins.

The Earbuds fit well into my ears and stay safely in their position. I don't have to constantly press on them to make sure they keep tight, which is a big plus. But with longer sessions, they get a little uncomfortable. I can't say exactly why, but after about. one hour I had the same unpleasant press on my ear every time. I suspect that, despite the flattering form, there is pressure somewhere that feels uncomfortable over time. Of course, this can only be due to my ear shape.

And one more thing I would have liked: Foam Tips. In my opinion, foam plugs are an absolute must for IEMs, as they are always the most comfortable option for me.