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Rumour kitchen: Does Navi reach the desired clock target?

AdoredTV (a not always well-informed YouTuber) is presenting new rumors and speculation about AMD's upcoming graphics cards, citing an unnamed source, and is fueling the discussion about Navi. I shall summarise the most important things briefly, but please note that AdoredTV's statements do not reflect the opinion of the editors. However, we release the contents for a factual discussion.

If you're wrong too often, you don't believe it – only when AMD speaks the truth.

Navi 20 to serve the high-end market and replaces MI60 in the first quarter of 2020

The upcoming Navi 20 graphics chip is intended to serve the high-end market and to appear after the mainstream offshoots. It is intended to replace the Radeon Instinct MI60, on which the Radeon VII is based. According to AdoredTV, the Navi-20-based Radeon Instinct is expected to move into the first quarter of 2020, delaying the replacement of MI60. A possible date for Navi 20 would be the next CES event. This year's CES featured the Radeon VII for players based on MI60. According to AdoredTV, the first Navi samples should not reach the clock rates of Vega 20 and suffer from thermal problems and high power dissipation. The Youtuber also speculates about a possible lineup of graphics cards and their possible price and performance. For the sake of completeness, I listed the lineup – but it should be viewed with a good dose of skepticism, as the information on possible performance is not really consistent. In addition, Navi is expected to price less than 500 US dollars. The only thing that is really certain is that Navi should have RayTracing support.

Possible Navi-Lineup

ModelGpuComputational Units / CUsTDP / WPerformance class
RX 3090 XTNavi 2064225Radeon VII +10%
RX 3090Navi 2060180Radeon VII
RX 3080 XTNavi 1056190RTX 2070
RX 3080Navi 1052175Vega 64 +10%
RX 3070 XTNavi 1048160Vega 64
RX 3070Navi 1240th130Vega 56
RX 3060Navi 123275RX 580

Source: AdoredTV

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