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dynabook wants to go all the way to the top with old virtues and new facets

Do you remember "Raider becomes Twix, otherwise nothing changes"? The same is true of dynabook, which operated under this umbrella name before Toshiba's large division and was one of the most popular notebook brands alongside Dell, HP and ThinkPad. After the major break-up of the parent company, in which Toshiba sold 80.1 percent of its own shares to Sharp, dynabook was established as a brand and continues to run Toshiba's product portfolio. With the new generation of notebooks, the manufacturer wants to appeal to the ultra-flexible businessman, who instead of sitting in the office prefers to work in the café and thus has the workplace virtually everywhere. But this is also associated with compromises, as I saw at a press event in Munich. But in turn.

Under the dynabook brand, the Ex-Toshiba team, now responsible for operations as Dynabook Inc., is bringing together beloved skills with fresh ideas. These include high-quality workmanship, which meets the military standard MIL-STD-810G, particularly durable materials (I will come to the details in a while) and extended warranty services, which are very much in line with the needs of the business and enterprise market. 

Hannes Schipany, Head of Sales DACH, Dynabook Europe GmbH

As one of the few notebook manufacturers, Dynabook produces the notebooks, convertibles and 2-in-1 devices themselves, thanks in part to its close connection to Foxconn. The displays come from SHARP, a large part of the components of the already mentioned manufacturer Foxconn. As a result, the prices for the notebooks are not cheaper than those of the competitors, but the availability of spare parts is pleasantly lavish. Margins for retailers and resellers are also expected to be at a high level.

It is interesting that Dynabook discloses the failure rates for its own B2B devices and, according to its own information from the channel, sometimes has the most reliable notebooks. Since other manufacturers do not provide such information on the RMA rate, it is difficult to substantiate the statement. However, the fact that Dynabook discloses such information definitely speaks to the confidence in its own products.

Anyone who registers their dynabook B2B device within 30 days of purchase will receive an additional warranty. If the work equipment fails within the first year, it will not only be repaired free of charge, the manufacturer will also refund the full purchase price of the notebook. The process should be quick and uncomplicated, a maximum of three weeks. Dynabook also needs three weeks to produce custom notebooks. Foxconn has its own department or production line implemented. In order not to be dependent on DHL, UPS and other delivery services, the manufacturer employs its own drivers, who are responsible for worldwide logistics.

Can it be a little less?
Enough of the theory, the said press event was all about the new dynabook Portege XL. If you seriously ask yourself why I'm small, and Dynabook sometimes big, the explanation is simple: the brand of the devices is written down, the company name is big.

But back to Portege XL. The device is the result of a market analysis that Dynabook has conducted among "modern businessmen". More than 50% of them have indicated that they work at least 2.5 days per working week outside the office. For this endeavor, they prefer a light and persistent tool. 870 grams at 17.9mm height is to be precise. The low weight is, among other things, by the use of magnesium from which the housing was made. Microsoft also uses this material in the Surface family because it is both robust and lighter than aluminum.

With a USB-Type-C port that can also be used to charge the notebook, full-fledged Gigabit LAN, MicroSD card reader and two USB-Type-A 3.0 ports complete the package. For performance, an Intel CPU is the 10th. generation, where by the wayins from Celeron to i3 to i7 models. In the highest configuration, the user receives six computing cores. There are also options for memory, with four to eight gigabytes already firmly soldered on the board and up to 16 GB of retrofitting. This brings the total to 24 GB.

With the screen, dynabook also wants to offer the user a choice: You can choose between a 13.3-inch FHD Sharp IGZO with 470NIT brightness and a particularly economical 13.3-inch FHD In-Cell Touch screen with 300NIT brightness.

In order to save weight and reduce costs, the manufacturer also dispenses with some functions, including Thunderbold. The chip would weigh a few grams and is quite expensive due to Intel's royalties. Demand in the business segment, on the other hand, is too low. Nevertheless, the dynabook also has state-of-the-art functions such as W-LAN 802.11ax.

Can it be a bit bigger?
If 13.3 inches is too small a display area, the dynabook portfolio also includes products with 15 greats. These include the Tecra X50-F, which has a battery life of almost 17 hours and weighs only 1.42 kilograms. Or the Satellite Pro L50-G, which integrates with three USB 3.0 ports including sleep-and-charge support. This allows users to charge their smartphone via the notebook, for example, even when it is in sleep mode.

But my personal highlight of the evening was the Portégé X30T, a tablet with a pluggable keyboard and a total weight of only 800 grams. Despite the slightly older Intel CPU from the 8th generation (maximum i5-8250U) the device was beautifully fast. With a battery life of more than 15 hours, the device should be available for an entire working day. At almost 2,000 euros, the tablet is at a similar price level as Microsoft's Surface.

Several other devices, such as the Tecra X50-F (with integrated LTE module), have also been available since last year, while the Portégé X30L-G was only released on Intel's 10 this year. CPU generation. The smaller business notebook Portégé X30-F, on the other hand, is only available with a U-processor up to the 8th. generation, but is expected to experience a technical upgrade in the foreseeable future (perhaps 2021). According to Dynabook's internal evaluation, the device is appreciated by business customers in particular for the integrated fingerprint scanner.

If you don't want to fight over the somewhat confusing website of dynabook products, you can also contact the reseller of the trust. Many of the former Toshba exclusive partners now only manage the dynabook portfolio.


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