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Corsair Qatar Pro Wireless Review – wireless all-rounder mouse for little money

The Qatar Pro Wireless is a brand new wireless gaming mouse from Corsair, so far so good. But with it Corsair is now trying to enter the middle class of wireless rodents, which seems quite interesting. It can be found online for about 50 Euro (on the homepage for 45 Euro RRP) and therefore competes directly with the Logitech G305 and the SteelSeries Rival 3. But since it is sold for 40 dollars in America, I assume that its price here in Germany will drop a little bit after the release. The Qatar Pro Wireless is advertised by Corsair as a lightweight with high-end features, with particular emphasis on Slipstream technology and high-speed Bluetooth connectivity. Let’s see…

Included in the package is the mouse, the wireless dongle, an AA battery and of course the usual paperwork. It was, but it’s enough.


The Qatar Pro Wireless is optically quite reserved, it is completely black and has no RGB lighting, which I personally really like. The surface of the mouse is a matt, relatively rough plastic structure that does not allow any fingerprints or grease stains. That’s it. On the back of the mouse is a lasered Corsair logo and on the left mouse button is an abbreviation printed, “// K T W L” stands for Qatar Wireless. Between the mouse buttons you find the rubberized scroll wheel and the DPI button including the only LED on board. This LED is mainly used to indicate the selected DPI level. This DPI button with the small area between the mouse buttons is the only area that is not matt but shiny plastic.

Finally, the two sides of the mouse have an interesting triangular pattern for more grip and on the left above the pattern there are two thumb buttons. Overall the Qatar Pro Wireless is pretty but understated, which to my delight seems to be a new trend in the peripheral world.


To be honest, the handling of the Qatar Pro unfortunately disappointed me a little. This is mainly due to two points, the shape and the weight distribution. First, the shape, the Qatar Pro is a comparatively small mouse and has a symmetrical shape. In itself, the mouse lies well in the hand with both palm and claw grips, but due to its symmetrical shape it does not manage to hold my ring finger and especially the little finger.

With my grip technique, the ring finger still manages to lie on the mouse and grip it reasonably well, but my little finger just can’t find a comfortable position. Unfortunately, this has led to the fact that I have often resorted to another mouse during longer use because of joint pain. I can’t say if every user will have this problem, but I did not like the shape very much.

And unfortunately the second point is added here, the weight distribution. The Qatar Pro Wireless is relatively light with a weight of about 96 grams (including the battery). But unfortunately, the battery puts the center of gravity very far back, which is especially annoying when lifting the mouse. When I want to put the mouse down again, the back side always touches the mouse pad first and then the mouse folds down on its feet. And to prevent this, you have to have a pretty firm grip on the mouse, which isn’t very pleasant in the long run.

All in all, I wouldn’t call the handling bad, but it takes some getting used to, but unfortunately, both of these problems affected me personally very much, which may well look different for other users.