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Corsair K60 RGB Pro – A slightly different entry into the world of mechanical keyboards

The Corsair K60 RGB Pro is the latest keyboard from Corsair’s K60 series and I’m interested in this keyboard, I honestly admit, especially the built-in switch. This is because the K60 RGB Pro is one of the first keyboards on the market to use the new Cherry Viola switches. But there will be more details on this later. The K60 RGB Pro is to be available in Germany with immediate effect for 139 euros and is thus in a highly competitive price range. Because there is a large selection of mechanical keyboards for about 140 euro, even though I see the street price of this keyboard more like 120 euro,

First of all, the contents of the package are concerned, and it is quite clear here; only the keyboard, the short instruction and further paperwork is included. The download of the software and other digital information is the responsibility of the buyer. You have saved one stick.


Optically, the K60 RGB Pro looks modern without immediately catching the eye. It does not have any particularly striking features or design elements and therefore looks almost like a conventional office keyboard, which need not be a disadvantage. For me only their lighting and the font on the keys show their sporty side. The keys are relatively flat for a mechanical keyboard, which clearly emphasizes the illumination. Under the keys you can see the switches: they are completely made of milky plastic and shine in a very colourful way compared to my other keyboards.


The complete surface under the switches is brushed aluminium, which gives the keyboard a high-quality touch. The keys are matt black and are not particularly susceptible to fingerprints and grease stains. Above the numeric keypad there are four LEDs, one for Num-Lock, Caps-Lock, rollers and a Win-Lock indicator. To the right of it is one of the two logos on the keyboard. The second one is located in the lower left corner next to the CTRL key, this is just a tiny lettering that gives information about the model of the keyboard.

All in all, I like the K60 RGB Pro very much in purely visual terms, because its simple design and the choice of materials mean that it’s not too conspicuous and still looks high-quality. At the same time you can turn it into a colourful eye-catcher by means of the especially full-toned lighting.