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CPU Charts 2017 / 2018 – Workstation Performance (Part 2)

Here and now we deal with workstation performance in CAD (real-time display). We cover gaming performance, rendering, and pure compute in other parts of these CPU charts:Part 1 - Gaming... Since AutoCAD can only scale very poorly (3D) to not (2D) over several threads, the available clock and thus of course also the height of the achievable IPC [...]

CPU Charts 2017 / 2018 – Gaming Performance (Part 1)

In this first part, we'll start with the gaming benchmarks and then we'll look at workstation performance in CAD (real-time display), rendering, and compute. Part 1 - Gam... We start with two synthetic benchmarks, but consciously share this category in DirectX11 and DirectX12. In the 3DMark Fire Strike, the core count dominates the physics [...]