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Cool Giveaway: we are giving away a Raijintek Orcus 240 All-in-One Compact Water Cooling in Forum 4x | Until April 14, 2019

The suffering with the online buying behaviour of the packaging rip-offs and return eraise is already annoying enough for shops and distributors. But there is another category of creative defect inventors, some of whom even manage to find defects in unpacked products. So almost the X-ray view through the sealed box or the supposedly unsuccessful [...]

Raijintek Samos NV2080 Ti RBW in exclusive review – A VGA water block as a price breaker with passable performance

Icebreakers and price breakers arenot quite accidental lycomal and so I was looking forward to the Raijintek Samos NV 2080 Ti RBW, which trudged in as a pre-model directly from the manufacturer here. Well, there was no final packaging yet and there was still some improvisation, but the product itself was final, if already used. And one thing I can [...]

Patriot Viper NVMe 1TB in review – alternative to Samsung?

What lasts for a long time will be really good? With too much euphoria it is always such a thing and so I spoil it at the beginning: it is not a revolution, but has become a solid NVMe SSD for the M.2 slot. But it took more than a year between the announcement at CES 2018 and the real launch. And that with the prices? At the moment, pretty much [...]

Aorus X299 Master review – Gigabyte's cool answer to Intel's hotheads

Important preliminary remarks I admit that motherboard tests are complex and often ungrateful for the tester, because the readership remains quite manageable, as long as it is, for example, an enthusiast platform like the Socket 2066. Nevertheless, I find it very exciting to observe what would be possible and also if you as a manufacturer make a [...]

Alphacool Ice Block GPX-N Plexi Light M02 for the RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 in 380-Watt Hardness Test | igorsLAB

New revision, new happiness? Let's see what Alphacool made of the ice block GPX, because there is now a new model M02, which is compatible with both the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, and the RTX 2070. Today's test has to show how well all this performs and where you can classify the cooler in direct comparison to your competitors. In my [...]

Review Sapphire RX 590 Nitro+ (Video) | igorsLAB

Yes, I did it: Purely out of curiosity, cut a complete review of a graphics card as a video. Well, as a double burden, of course, such a thing does not last in the long run, but the learning factor is of course extremely high. The prices for all possible cards are currently in free fall and so it offers a (retrospective) review of this middle [...]

Metro Exodus and RTX On – a first test, lots of pictures and information about Nvidia's second RTX cracker

Metro Exodus is THE hotly anticipated game thanks to the support of Nvidia's ray tracing and DLSS features. Today's first look at performance focuses specifically on the impact of these two features, for the details with all the maps I intentionally took more time, because it's worth looking at twice. But this first part says a lot and [...]