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Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK30 Keyboard Review – Surprising middle class

With the Skiller Mech SGK30, Sharkoon wanted to bring a mechanical keyboard for gamers to the market, which can be classified in the popular “good and cheap” segment. And if the sales charts of the comparison portals are to be believed, then not only has this goal been achieved, but [...]

Roccat Burst Pro Review – Smooth gliding lightweight

Matching the recently reviewed Roccat Vulcan Pro keyboard, there is also the Burst Pro mouse, which also relies on an optical trigger mechanism. You can find out how the lightweight did in the longer everyday test in the following article: Packaging & scope of delivery The cardboard box of the [...]

BIWIN HP SSD EX950 M.2 2TB Review – TLC in fast and cost-effective

There’s no need to repeat the war of the clone SSD sheeps with nearly identical Techvest boards, because if you know one, you know all SSDs. Well, yeah, more or less. And then BIWIN comes now with the HP SSD EX950 M.2 2TB from 240 euros and a different design and nice prices. This is even [...]

Scythe Ninja 5 in the test – Cooling colossus with space problems

The cooler in today’s article is once a real exotic, even in the range of Scythe. With almost gigantic dimensions (almost the width of an ATX mainboard) and no consideration for compatibility of other components, the Ninja 5 has many interesting aspects, not only the surprisingly low price [...]