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Blackwell unveiled? NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang presents the future of graphics at SIGGRAPH 2024

SIGGRAPH 2024, taking place July 28 – August 1 in New Orleans, will welcome Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, as the opening keynote speaker. Huang will speak about the profound impact of generative AI and accelerated computing on various industries, particularly manufacturing, design and entertainment, in his keynote titled “Graphics for the New Computing Revolution”.
Source: siggraph

Huang, a visionary leader in the technology industry, has been the driving force behind NVIDIA’s innovations since the company’s founding in 1993. Under his leadership, NVIDIA has become the world’s leading provider of graphics processing units (GPUs) and plays a key role in shaping the future of computer graphics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

In his keynote, Huang will highlight the following topics:

The convergence of AI and accelerated computing, Huang will explain how the fusion of AI and powerful GPUs is opening up new opportunities for innovation and growth in various industries. The impact of robotics and AI on industrial digitalization: Huang will discuss how robotics and AI are transforming industrial manufacturing, leading to autonomous operations and more efficient processes. Digital twins and the future of design, Huang will explain the importance of digital twins for the design and optimization of products, systems and cities. The Next Generation of Computer Graphics, Huang will provide insights into NVIDIA’s latest innovations in computer graphics and how they will enable the next generation of gaming and content creation capabilities.

Jensen Huang’s keynote is a must-see for anyone interested in the future of technology and the transformative power of graphics, AI and accelerated computing. SIGGRAPH 2024 offers a unique platform to learn from leading experts in the industry and experience the latest innovations in these fields.In addition to Jensen Huang’s keynote, SIGGRAPH 2024 offers an extensive program of talks, workshops, exhibitions and other activities. Participants can learn about the latest developments in computer graphics, interactive techniques, digital art and design and network with other experts from around the world.