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ASUS ROG Delta S in the test – Lightweight USB-C headset of the top class with a lot of light and some shadows

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The ROG Delta S comes with almost elitist claims and wants to score not only with excessive RGB lighting, but also with clever features and high-quality processing. How the lightweight high-end headset performs, you can read in the test. Welcome to the Elite? With this rather confident print, the ASUS ROG Delta S greets you when you free it from the packaging. Loaded with a host of important-sounding features, ASUS positions the device in the upper price range around $200.

I’ll briefly list some of these features here, though I’ll go into more detail about the most important ones in the course of the review. They are particularly proud of the integration of a Quad DAC, which is supposed to provide a detailed and natural sound. I will come back to the MQA technology support later.

Other features include:

  • ASUS AI voice-canceling microphone for crystal clear communication.
  • Customizable RGB lighting with Soundwave Light mode.
  • Exclusive resonance chamber design for an immersive sound experience.
  • Maximum wearing comfort due to very light weight of only 300 grams.
  • Ergonomic and fast cooling ear pads.
  • USB-C port for compatibility with PC, Mac, mobile devices and consoles (PS4+5, Switch)


Unboxing & quality impression

The headset looks more playful than elegant at first glance. That’s not to say the build quality, but rather the design choices ASUS has made with the ROG Delta S. With its generous lighting and consistent lightweight construction, the headset screams “gaming” on all levels. Of course, there is no accounting for taste, but I like the homogeneous illumination of the RGB elements on the matte black material surprisingly well. To go into the material feel and physical features, I’ll unbox the device for you first.

The box makes a valuable impression and gives the feeling of having purchased a high-end product.

This impression is underlined by pithy announcements.

Well secured, the headset sits in a cocoon of plastic.

In addition to the user manual, adapter cable and detachable microphone, the package also includes a set of textile ear pads, which I personally really appreciate. Although the pre-installed ear pads made of artificial leather are super soft and comfortable to wear, they do heat up quite a bit due to their air impermeability, which is rather not the case with pads made of velour or textile.

Taken out of the package, the workmanship makes a flawless impression.

The earpieces can be folded down and thus fit perfectly to the shape of the head.

ASUS has placed the controls on the left earpiece, where the cable and the connector for the microphone are also located. These are a switch to adjust the lighting and a knob to adjust the volume, which mutes the microphone when pressed.

The temple is with an attractive embossing

and a pleasantly soft padding.

And of course, the temple can also be adjusted in several stages.

With the microphone in place, the following appearance is obtained.

For the price I would have liked to see a little more metal in some places, but there is absolutely nothing to complain about in the workmanship itself. Despite the very low weight, the headset makes a solid impression and I could not notice any creaking or cracking even with rough handling.



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Guter Test, wie immer sehr Informativ und Objektiv.

Für das gleiche Geld gibt es allerdings die von mir bevorzugte Kombi aus Beyer DT990 pro und t.bone SC430 USB Desktop-Set. Hier sind wir dann in jedweder Hinsicht in einer ganz anderen Liga und hat auch nix vor der Schnute. Von Anmutung, Qualität und Lebenserwartung mal ganz zu schweigen.

Aber für Headset Fans sicher eine Alternative.

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Das Asus Rog Delta für 149€ hatte Mitte 2019 mein Corsair für 54€ abgelöst. Zwischen den beiden lagen soundtechnisch natürlich Welten.

Die mitgelieferten Stoffpolster sind wesentlich angenehmer als die vormontierten, aber Wechsel war eine ganz schöne Friemelei. Ließen sich dafür in der Waschmaschine waschen. 👌

Das neue S ist ja um einiges leichter geworden. Wäre interessant zu wissen ob sich am Sound was getan hat. Sind glaub die gleichen Treiber drin.

~200 Euro ist für Kabelgebundenen ganz schönes Sümmchen.

Da ich aber auf Wireless umsteigen wollte, kam letzten Herbst das Astro A50 für 220€ in Haus. Und auch das war vom Klang nochmal besser. Da ist sicher noch nicht das Ende der Fahnenstange. Aber wo kann man denn mal testen, wenn man nicht bestellen und wieder zurücksenden will. 😒

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Den Frequenzgang von den kopfhörer und dem Mikrofon hätte ich noch schick gefunden - oder habe ich das übersehen?

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Alexander Brose


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Ich habe da leider keine Möglichkeit zu.


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