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Antlion ModMic Wireless in the test – the best thing that makes a headphone a headset. But also with the most expensive

Windows Settings

In the sound manager of the control panel for the sound you can now find the ModMic Wireless as a recording device, thanks to USB, even without additional drivers. However, the level of the microphone should be raised as needed, because on default it is usually very quiet. A check mark at AGC activates the microphone gain and the microphone level should then be checked at approx. 75 to 85, at 100 it has already slightly distorted me.


By the way, you should also check the set bit depth and the sampling rate beforehand. 16-bit Mono is ok, but the 44 KHz sampling rate set by Windows by default is sufficient for the microphone. The manufacturer specifies 48 KHz, but some downsampling certainly does not bother. If you want, switch here to the maximum value and it is good.

Connection and battery

You will safely get the battery, which is not fully discharged, full again in one hour, the completely exhausted power dispenser will then need two hours. This lasts for 10 to 12 hours in a piece, which you shouldn't survive with your voice anyway. The Qualcomm chip provides a Bluetooth-like connection that should reach up to 10 meters. Tests in the room were more likely to yield 8 to 9 meters if you don't want to accept any demolitions or sound loss.

By the way, the dongle on the back of a PC under a fully-finished table is also not an ideal position for higher ranges, here you really have to resort to the extension cable and put the dongle on the table. The manufacturer writes latency-free and this will be felt subjectively.  the advertised 35 ms are correct at least in the test with OBS, where I checked the lip sync. Set and stream. Fits!

Sound test and judgment

So, let's see what happens in the end. I record with the position on "Omni", otherwise you really only have the usual canned feeling. And what the little little little thing delivers is not even from bad parents! It sounds, also location-based with a 42" monitor, of course somewhat dull or More reverberating than the stand microphone with rear insulation, but the result is the very first cream. Here is finally the promised sound example including the envelopes, which I did not even have to normalize when setting at 85 for the level:

For direct comparison – this is how my speaker microphone sounds on the table:

Compared to all the more than 60 headsets tested so far in the last 12 years and the more than 10 microphones for the desktop, this variant is by far the best, but unfortunately also the most expensive. If you have already spent yourself with a 100 or 150 Euro headphones, you will certainly wave off here and perhaps consider a ModMic with USB (good thing by the way!) or analog 3.5 mm jack. So a little bit of luxury is the wireless part already


Summary and conclusion

The approach is ingenious, the implementation is good, the optics and feel are so well, the sound is just a force and makes you forget the hard plastic and the price quite quickly. It's nice that there is such a thing, even if it doesn't allow everyone's wallet. That, in turn, is a pity, because I am sure that the market for this is really ripe and present.

For my part, I'm satisfied that I can now use my feel-good cuddly headphones in conjunction with a microphone without getting tangled up in the amount of cables. That alone was worth the effort. The rest must then be explained to his wife. Nothing new either.


AntLion Audio ModMic Wireless (GDL-0700)

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