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A Plague Tale: Innocence in review

Actually, I don't let myself be blinded by hyped "secret tips" and wait for the initial euphoria before I throw my money out the window for another mediocre or even disappointing game. With A Plague Tale: Innocence, however, I was attracted to the underlying setting from the very beginning. The fact that it was also available at the same time as my winter holidays in the sale was reason enough for me to take a closer look at it.

In most games of the last years, the magic has often faded after a short season and after a while of not touching many titles then acidify on the "pile of shame". For this reason, I often buy games only "for testing" because I'm usually more interested in the technology and performance than the actual gameplay. With exactly this ulterior motive I approached A Plague Tale, because the game was said to have a fantastic graphics, but also a rather big hardware hunger. Because I was most interested in this part at the beginning, I start my review with a few technical aspects of the game. But I would also like to say directly that I couldn't stop playing this game. But more on that later.


On the first start, the game automatically selects the graphics settings based on the existing hardware. Apart from the rendering distance, the maximum settings have been selected on my system. With these settings, in the first (pretty demanding) scene, I welcome exactly 60 FPS, which slip into the 50s in the nearby virtual forest. Although Freesync cushions these drops quite well and the gameplay is not very fast, I actually prefer slightly higher frame rates. By reducing the graphics preset< auf >from >ultra high< steigen die FPS direkt um 20% und das Spiel sieht immer noch fantastisch aus.

Screenshot comparison >ultra< und >high



Disturbing is the excessive use of chromatic aberration, which makes the image appear fuzzy and flawed – simply unrealistic. Although this option of< auf >>normally low< umstellen, ganz deaktivieren lässt sich der Effekt über das Grafik-Menü allerdings nicht. Fortunately, the game is deposited in ".. A file called ENGINESETTINGS, where you can configure all options to your own liking. If you set the "Fringe" option to 0, the chromatic aberration is completely deactivated and the image looks much calmer and sharper. Otherwise, the game does a lot of things right visually: the edge smoothing works very well and in general the atmosphere is credible and eerily harmonious. Here and there one or the other frame drops and in scenes with a lot of rats comes a 1st gene. Ryzen also a little bit sweating. In principle, however, the performance is satisfactory.

Screenshot comparison Fringe >from and >an

Fringe aus
Fringe an

A Plague Tale: Innocence (Download) (PC)

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