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1More Portable Bluetooth Speaker – A cheap entry into the middle class?

Before I held the Bluetooth speaker in my hands, I was frankly a little skeptical about the product. There were two reasons for this: Firstly, I am quite an audio snob, I like to listen to music, but then it should also be a good sound quality. On the other hand, I haven't found a Bluetooth speaker that meets my requirements. And for the third, 1More does not yet have a corresponding speaker in its portfolio, so there is little expertise in this field. However, I was curious and wanted to try out how the newcomer performs. The speaker can be found online for around 70€ and is offered in the stereo set for 130€, which is a good mediocrity compared to other Bluetooth speakers.

Included included is of course the speaker itself, a USB Type-C cable, a sticker and a small manual booklet.



The loudspeaker looks modern but unobtrusive. It is almost completely covered by a black layer of fabric, which on the one hand looks very good and also feels very good in the hand, but on the other hand is unfortunately a small dust magnet. Until now, I was still able to brush everything off, but hair and dust remain stuck in the rough surface of the speaker. That's annoying. The top cover is separated from the rest of the case by a metal-painted ring, the top is the logo of 1More.

Since these are the only accents on the loudspeaker, I find it extremely unobtrusive. The beauty: This makes it suitable for every room and every interior design. A loop is attached to the side to carry or hang the speaker. At the bottom is a rubberized ring for damping and a printed plastic part, on which the serial number, input voltage, etc. Is. It is somewhat unpleasant that the silicone foot has loosened on one of the speakers.


The speaker has some interesting features and functions: First, it can of course be operated via Bluetooth, as the name already implies. Alternatively, I can connect the speaker via AUX. In addition, two speakers can be paired via Bluetooth and operated in stereo mode – more on this later. And last but not least, the 1More Bluetooth Speaker is also water-resistant according to IPX. Also built-in is a microphone that is for phone calls, I could also use it for the common voice assistance systems.

The battery life really knocked me out of my socks – I used the speaker regularly for over a week without having to recharge it. And not just for 20 minutes at a time! I had it on duty for at least an hour every day and ended up with a total of over 20 hours of playtime.

The speaker has five buttons on the side, under a waterproof cover hides the USB-C connection for charging as well as the AUX connection. There are also three LEDs: the battery indicator on the left, the active/inactive microphone indicator in the middle, and the mode in which the device is located on the right. The buttons have the following functions from left to right: reduce volume, increase volume, play/pause, microphone on/off and the last button is used to turn on and off and at the same time to activate the pairing. The operation is simple, but not so intuitive that I could do without the manual. In order to learn all the tricks, however, a quick look at the said reading is enough. Here you will find out, for example, that the device turns on after holding down the power button for two seconds. To switch off, it must be pressed for five seconds.

In order to make the user's operation even easier, the speaker talks to one from time to time. When switching on, for example, the speaker first says "Power-On" and then gives a short message about the battery level. But the voice can also be perceived as annoying or superfluous and I personally would have liked an option to switch off.


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