Who is the most creative 3D designer? Salvatore wanted! It's worth taking part!

I could have served myself on the shelf of a Chinese plush monster producer, but that would be boring and bland. No, you could certainly do better and, above all, more creatively! In the video you can find out what we are looking for and why. And at the end of the whole story, I print out the new companion in the company look! Of course, you can find out the details of the "competition for the crunchiest Salvatore" here, but it's basically quite simple.

I'm looking for a replacement for the plush salvatore from all my videos, because something of my own is really slow to do! And that's where the community comes in, because you can now let your imagination and creativity run wild. Of course, within the limits of what you would expect from a mascot. So it should be cuddly, recognizable, no plagiarism and unique. To do this, it is as easy to manufacture as possible, whether as a hard or soft product. It goes without saying that sexist, racist and otherwise unusable designs are not taken into account and are explicitly not desired, but it must still be mentioned again.

And otherwise? What I need is an STL file for a one-piece body that I can print on the 3D printer, which shouldn't be a hurdle. Fine work is still possible later on. The only condition is that we are later allowed to use this mascot without restriction and for an unlimited period of time for the channel and the website, i.e. we have the sole and exclusive rights to use it. In return, of course, the best design will also be rewarded (although it might not be feasible).

As a price for the best design, I put the Sennheiser GSP 670 in the room, a not quite cheap top-class gaming headset. For particularly successful designs, I will certainly get rid of one or the other goodie from my warehouse. Effort should also be rewarded. Be! Please send your drafts as a ZIP archive to [email protected] or accordingly as a link to an already uploaded file, depending on the size of the ZIP archive. A pre-render would not be bad as a picture.

And now it's your turn! Who designs the cuddliest Salvatore? I'm looking forward to it!

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