Question Radeon Pro WX7100 randomly died


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Mrz 21, 2021
Greetings and thank you in advance for info you can share.
I bought one of these on ebay that did work, though it got so hot it thermally throttled down to useless speeds. I popped the cooler off and replaced the brittle paste and boom - had a few days of joyous 28MH / s of solid ETH mining, and then I decided to move it from my testbed to one of my rigs and did an orderly shut-down and popped it into a solid WX rig on a riser and fired it back up but it refused to boot! I took it out and put it back in the test pc and it is as dead as a doornail. No signs of life with zero fan-motion when powered-on. And it is not seen by the system even in BIOS or HiveOS. I have opened her up and see no visible signs of anything fried ... it is just plain dead ... $ 630 down the drain?
I find this article here on Igor's Lab:
And it mentions: "Also striking is the soldered cable extension with the 6-pin socket, which is later fixed by the mounting frame and a cable fuse."
I found reference to it also in the Toms Hardware teardown of the same card. Yet in the pictures and physically looking at mine I do not see this "cable fuse." Which I am hoping is what I need to replace and then magic may happen ....?
Has anyone any experience of this happening to them and a fix?
Much gratitude for any lights being shined on the problem
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