Frage Aorus Rx 5700 XT 8 Gb Bricked


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Mai 11, 2021
Hello everyone! Thanks for reading me!
I've made a terrible mistake trying to biosmod my Aorus Rx 5700 XT 8 Gb video card. I used amdvbflash, and afer modding it, I restarted my pc but then it didn't boot up. Just black screen.
Fortunately I discovered that this video card has a switch that allows me to change to a "silent" bios, so I could boot my pc again in that mode.
Now the question is: how can I install again the bios I backed up if the only way I have to make my pc boot is with the other bios? What can I do to install this "healthy" bios in the "ruined" bios slot?

Thanks a lot!!
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